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[Hydrus, Casino Pier] in the winter time

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[Hydrus, Casino Pier] from this past August

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[Hydrus, Casino Pier] + TR from today 7/12/20

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[Casino Pier] Trip Report! Really stupid employee did something really stupid during a pandemic.

Today I went to Casino pier I will get right into an incident that left me baffled,and really confused why they did this...
The incident happened on a ride called Centrifuge,its an indoor scrambler ride. I went up to the entrance,scanned my wristband and was told that I might not get on because I am a single rider,I still go through the queue (Really cool queue) and was told I couldn't ride (I was confused because its a scrambler but I knew that there was a possibility I couldn't get on) I walk out of the queue,and later in the day I walked by centrifuge with my mom,the employee told another kid that wanted to ride that was single rider that I wanted to ride and we can ride together,he told the description of me to them and I was told the description of the dad. I was kinda confused (but I just shrugged it off because I had something similar happen at Six Flags America Pre Pandemic on a flat ride but the supervisor rode with me and we had a good chat and it was a younger kid) Then 20 minutes later I came off a ride and the Dad and son confronted my mom and I. She said that we will Not be riding the ride because we are doing 1 more ride than leaving. I was just baffled because we are in a Pandemic and the park promotes social distancing,yet an employee wanted to stick a stranger with me on a scrambler ride in the dark that basically squeezes the person on the inside of the two people riding. (Also to note there is nothing on the website or sign that there where no Single riders)

Now the other coasters
Pirates Hideaway-AKA Egg Beater Lift hill Coaster In a Warehouse. This was an interesting ride,but why is it a thing. This coaster reminds me of Half of Movie Remakes,the Movie was really good until they remade the movie and then its meh... Its probably the same with this coaster,It was a good old Mack Wild Mouse coaster and then they made it a Steel Wild Mouse Coaster. Its nice to get a sequel sorta and its still kinda Cedar Point History because Wizard's Cavern was at CP. I kinda liked the lift hill and it wasn't as painful as I have seen in other videos,the coaster is just There and I honestly wouldn't care if it got removed or moved to a smaller park

Hot Tamales-Its a fun little Kiddie Coaster,its good for the kids. You went around 6 time (Kinda Lost Track).It was pretty Smooth

Hydrus-This coaster is definitely a fit for this park! The ride is short but sweet,just wished the coaster had a final Helix. Got 8 rides on it and its smooth,I got a 2 hour wrist band and I just kept on riding it and a couple other rides (A couple of the Thrill rides were closed,but I heard that Sea Storm the Frisbee is being delivered tomorrow). Its a really smooth ride and I really like the lapbars (I also think the ops were getting annoyed that I was re riding so I took breaks and did other rides but I could've easily gotten a lot more rides on that thing)

My favorite ride in the park is the S&S shot tower,Shore Shot! This S&S shot tower is so much time with alot of airtime,and the ride cycles twice so I easily took advantage of it making it one of my favorite rides just because it cycles twice and I freaking lifted out of my seat, (Also amazing views from all sides)
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Day 25 - Star Jet at Casino Pier

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Hydrus- The Gerstlauer Eurofighter at Casino Pier

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Quick TR - iPlay America, Keansburg, Jenkinson's Boardwalk, Casino Pier, and Funplex

Last year, on National Rollercoaster Day, I took a spontaneous day off to South Jersey for Playland's Castaway Cove and Morey's Piers. I also slid into Clementon Park about 20 minutes before they closed for the night to ride Hell Cat. At that time, I wasn't really into tracking my count, but after setting up a spreadsheet and figuring I was at 399, I wanted to hit 400 as quick as possible.
But to make things more challenging, instead of just paying for admission to Dutch Wonderland or Sesame Place to ride their new-to-me coasters (one at each), I figured I could hit the North New Jersey parks that I passed-by last time. I wanted to plan a route from Central PA that would do as little back-tracking as possible, so this is what I came up with.
iPlay America - Quite a large FEC. I did some research about park hours and pricing, but I didn't pay too much attention to the pictures on their web site. It's quite large on the inside, with a ropes course, go-karts, several flat rides, a few golf simulators, bowling, and so on. Of course, it has Freedom Rider, which turned out to be my #400, solely because it opened at 10 AM, earlier than the other coasters on this trip. It's a standard SBF Visa spinning coaster, which is identical to the one I rode at IAAPA a few years back. It did at least four laps and I got some decent spinning.
Keansburg Amusement Park - Somehow, I've never been here. Ended up looking on their web site, and it said rides opened at Noon, but the park was a ghost town when I pulled in the parking lot at 11:40 AM. A few carnival games were open, and there was a lady at the ticket booth who couldn't tell me if or when the two coasters (Looping Star and Sea Serpent) would open for the day. I waited around and took some photos, but decided not to wait. One odd thing: they have a trailer-mounted Chance Chaos... which must be the rarest thing Keansburg has. I can't think of a single other park with one anymore.
I made a quick side-stop at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, which is in Red Bank. Didn't buy anything, but I can definitely say I went. It's a place.
Jenkinson's Boardwalk - Last time I was here, they still had Flitzer. I skipped Tornado that time, so I rode that today, which may have been my younger self's reluctance to consider powered coasters as credits. Older, wiser, less picky. Tidal Wave, their SBF Visa spinning coaster, is quite a surprise. I didn't look at RCDB too hard when planning this, or I would have seen that this 2019 addition is a much larger model than the standard spinning coaster from SBF. At 20 feet tall and 390+ feet long, it was really quite fun with a few laps around the track.
Casino Pier - Last time I visited was long before Hurricane Sandy, so I had memories of the long-gone Star Jet, as well as Centrifuge, their indoor Scrambler. Hydrus was the big reason behind this trip, and I was hoping to get on the new version of Centrifuge (of course, they have some rule against single-riders on that ride, so I skipped it).
Hydrus is only my third Eurofighter, after Mystery Mine and Rock Bottom Plunge. It's naturally smaller than those, but very smooth and solid. It was a walk-on, thankfully, since they only had one train on, despite it being quite busy on the boardwalk. Bring on more of these in smaller parks.
Funplex - Last stop of the day was here, and this one is another FEC, though with some outdoor rides and a tiny waterpark. I rode my last coaster of the day, FunCoaster. Another SBF Visa ride (saw their rides all day... their salesmen must be killing it in Jersey). This was probably the worst coaster of the day, and the only of it's kind in the US. Not sure what would compel someone to choose this model over a standard Crazy Mouse, other than maybe height limit or cost.
All-in-all, a pretty successful day, despite the failure of Keansburg. I can't blame them... if I was in management and saw an empty parking lot and midway, I wouldn't open rides, either. But I'll come back someday.
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Make that 90 Credits!- Hydrus @ Casino Pier

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Last chance to ride Seaside Casino Pier Carousel is this weekend. It'll be shut down after 87 years as a Jersey Shore icon

Last chance to ride Seaside Casino Pier Carousel is this weekend. It'll be shut down after 87 years as a Jersey Shore icon submitted by suchjersey to newjersey [link] [comments]

Casino Pier with the holy grail of Disney knockoffs

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Roller Coaster Submerged in Atlantic Ocean. Casino Pier. Seaside Heights, New Jersey. [800x601].

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In track lighting is the best (Hydrus @ Casino Pier)

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Hydrus is honestly the perfect boardwalk coaster. (Casino Pier, NJ)

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The New Casino Pier NJ Coaster

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CENTRIFUGE - new attraction coming to Casino Pier, Seaside Heights NJ in Spring of 2019.

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[SW] Went fishing off a casino pier in Biloxi and caught a stingray

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360 degree video of Hydrus at Casino Pier

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Casino Pier, Seaside Heights NJ. Wiped out!

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Sandy: "When that wind was coming through the Ferris wheel (on Casino Pier), it sounded like a pack of wolves howling."

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Video Update for Casino Pier Expansion and new Infinity Coaster

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I got to ride Hydrus at Casino Pier - here are my thoughts

It was pretty good. It felt fast, the inversions were fun, and it had some intense moments (the vertical loop and the immelmann). It costs 10 dollars to ride, and because its a small pier it was always a station wait. You get a little pop of air time at the break run, but that's about it. It also has a cool theme - the mythical Hydrus lives under the boardwalk.
There is only one problem with this ride; it's short. It is very, very, very short. Eurofighters are already not very long, and the removal of the helix only makes it even shorter. Excluding the lift hill, the ride is about Kingda Ka length. This also means you're paying 10 dollars for a very short ride. I wouldn't have a problem with that if the park didn't have a Huss Frisbee nearby that gives you a 3 minute ride for 9 dollars.
But overall, it is a pretty fun little ride. Of course this wouldn't be considered spectacular in any land parks, but when your only other options for inverting pier coasters in New Jersey are Looping Pinfaris or Vekoma SLCs and Boomerangs, I'd take this any day. I'd give it a 7/10.
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Casino Pier in Seaside, NJ. Before and After

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Casino Pier: Go Karts / On Ride POV / September 13, 2015 Casino pier swing carousel seaside heights beach - YouTube BOARDWALK AMUSEMENT PARK IN NEW JERSEY!! (Casino Pier ... Seaside Heights Tour: Casino Pier - YouTube Musik Express - Casino Pier - Seaside Heights NJ (pre ... Casino Pier: Bumper Cars / On Ride POV / September 13 ... Jet Star - Casino Pier - YouTube Seaside Heights, NJ (Casino Pier) - YouTube Music Express Ride at Casino Piers New Jersey - YouTube

Bring your Family to Reconnect and Reminisce! Seaside Heights is waiting for you this summer! Don't miss a visit to Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Waterpark in the heart of the Jersey Shore. Casino Pier offers some of the best attractions at the shore, including the exhilarating Hydrus Roller Coaster and Ferris Wheel. Test your putting skills on the 36-hole multi-level Smuggler's Quay ... Check your balance or redeem your VIP Points at any time by click the green Casino Rewards tab at the top of your Casino Lobby. The Casino Rewards VIP Lucky Jackpot. $1905.00. The VIP Lucky Jackpot actually consists of five jackpots - one jackpot for each Status Level! Depending on your Status Level in the Casino Rewards Loyalty Program, you could be eligible to win money from multiple jackpot ... Prior to using Casino Pier logo, creative, characters, images or reference, approval must be obtained from Casino Beach Pier LLC.. This is to ensure proper usage of the intellectual property associated with Casino Pier as well as maintain brand integrity, consistency and appropriate messaging. Family Amusement Parks NJ. If you’re looking for a place to go for unbeatable fun things to do with family and friends, you'll want to visit one of the best family amusement parks in New Jersey – Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach.. We are THE theme park that houses exciting attractions, roller coasters, and plenty of fun for everyone. Top Biloxi Piers & Boardwalks: See reviews and photos of piers & boardwalks in Biloxi, Mississippi on Tripadvisor. Actually a trio of piers in one, the structure dates right back to 1814, though it has been tinkered with a fair amount over the years. It began life as a humble wooden expanse welcoming passenger ... The Casino pier we've been coming to since I was 3 in 1973 but there are periods during the 80s when I was a teen and the late 90's -2012 , when I took my kids, that are particularly special to me and I consider the Casino piers heyday. After Hurricane Sandy destroyed the pier they rebuilt and did a good job but its smaller and most of the rides I remember are gone so for me, because I have 3 ... English: Gate piers, Genting Casino, Bolton. The gate piers, gate and railings are Grade II listed. Date: 8 July 2018: Source: Own work: Author: Plucas58: Camera location: 53° 34′ 56.5″ N, 2° 25′ 42.28″ W View this and other nearby images on: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth ... Get today's most accurate Casino Pier surf report with multiple live HD surf cams for current swell, wind, and wave conditions. With full written report (updated twice daily) and 16-day surf ... Fishing piers in Harrison County provide great access to coastal fishing. Casinos not all Biloxi has to offer. The Harrison County port resort city of Biloxi is well known for its casinos, Beauvoir, and for being the setting for a number of John Grisham novels. What is not as well known about the city is that it is in the heart of the “Fertile Fisheries Crescent” of the northern Gulf of ...

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Casino Pier: Go Karts / On Ride POV / September 13, 2015

this video was taken about 5 years ago Here's a video of Casino Pier's old Musik Express, a Bertazzon manufactured Himalaya ride, in Seaside Heights, NJ. This particular ride plunged into the ocea... Casino Pier is a boardwalk amusement park situated on a pier, in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Track: "Defeated No More Ft. Edward Macfarlane" by Disclosure Hey guys please hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons if you enjoyed! Also, drop a COMMENT down below!Today we went down to my grandparents house in New Jersey!... Bumper Cars is a classic ride to get on wherever you go and these ones are no different at Casino Pier! Enjoy this On Ride POV as brought to you by the Theme... Got a brand new amusement park walkthrough to show you and it hits close to home. Living in New Jersey, I always love the piers, be that Jenkinsons or Wildw... Casino Pier: Hot Tamale / On Ride Front Row POV / September 13, 2015 - Duration: 3:23. Theme Park Maniacs 7,495 views. 3:23. Ron White "Shittin' in the Street" "It's Vegas, Baby" - Duration: 9 ... This is the original Jet Star that once operated at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ. Casino pier swing carousel seaside heights beach, NJ July 2018